Vivid Garbage

A retrospective collection drawn from more than ten years' of original--even quirky--music-making, Vivid Garbage marries pop sensibilities to avant-garde techniques and pensive lyrics. Definitely not the 'same old garbage!'

Currently, four lead sheets from the album are available here for just 99 cents each, with more to come as the album release date (projected for December 2013) nears.

Don't Lose The Peace

I say again, don't lose the peace.
You bought it with your forgone toys;
The shattered metal, the twisted sleep
Where you withdraw;
The memories you do not own
And cannot keep.

Pick It Up

Chaos blooms around you as you wonder
Why none of this frenetic dance is yours
You’re ready for the ducking and the dodging
As you tiptoe ‘round the piles on the floors
The soiled and the tattered show in plenty
With dust and dirt and spots of crusted food:
Today’s brief history written in the objects
Strewn like flowers by a heedless brood.

Vivid Garbage

It's what you know
That is not so
It's what you see
That makes it go
It's what you do
That makes it run
It's what you toss
That traps the sun with
Vivid garbage.

Wind In The Trees

There's a wind in the trees tonight,
A wind in the trees tonight.
Everything's peaceful, there's nothing not right
But there's a wind in the trees tonight,
A wind in the trees tonight.

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